Your Digital Connection to the Petroleum Industry

“Upstream to Downstream”

PP&S is a digital products publication. Being digital, PP&S allows more flexibility giving advertisers a number of benefits. While other industries’ digital publications are just copies of their printed magazines, PP&S’s digital format allows advertisers almost unlimited creativity. You can create an ad in many formats from a text and image advert to a video, branded content, a game, feedback form, etc.

Among the advantages we offer:

  • Instantaneous Access – it can be access and read anytime, anywhere – during travel, lunch-break, or while waiting at a coffee shop. PP&S’s digital format makes it simpler to save favorite articles, share them, and discuss online.
  • Global Presence – Advertisers can reach a worldwide audience 24/7 to promote their products and services.
  • InteractivityPP&S provides a better user experience. You can add highly engaging images, web links, audio, video, and many other interactive elements.
  • Revenue Generation – The ability to create interactive ads results in better conversions and increased sales.
  • Analytics – Digital analytics services can help gain an in-depth understanding of user behavior and usage statistics. One can easily check who is clicking on your links, reading the content, liking or disliking, and sharing on social networks.
  • Reach the Entire Petroleum Industry with a Single Ad – Many companies have a diverse portfolio of products and services that can be applied over a wide range of petroleum industries – upstream to downstream. Placing one ad in PP&S is more cost effective than placing ads in multiple publications that only focus on single industry segments.
  • Cost-Efficient – Compared to printed industry publications, the creation and distribution process of PP&S is more cost-effective. There are no additional costs on printing, binding, delivery, etc. These savings are passed along to our advertisers.

Circulation of approximately 40,000+*

This includes over 22,000+ subscribers and an additional 18,000+ in our social media databases.

*Circulation number is an average figure based on the latest PP&S database list and is subject to change.

The PP&S readership breakdown is approximately as follows:

Geographical Locations:

  • 74% North America
  • 26% Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East & Africa

Job Functions

  • 14% C Level Management (CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, Owners, Partners, etc.)
  • 45% Company Management (Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, etc.)
  • 26% Managers, Supervisors, etc.


  • 29% Upstream – Drilling & Production
  • 7% Midstream – Gas Processing, LNG, Pipelines, Terminals, etc.
  • 22% Downstream – Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Renewables, etc.
  • 38% Engineering & Manufacturing/Service Companies
  • 4% Other – Government, Non-Profits, Educational, etc.